Artist in Residence

Located at 342 Main Street Yarmouth, Nova Scotia offers an opportunity for professionals to create in a charming town, across from the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and by the sea.

You will be living with a local family and will be provided with breakfast and supper.

We’re interested in the renewed creativity artists-in-residence may get from being in this part of the world. The culture and landscape of the area provide wonderful creative fuel. With the studio less than a minute from the ocean and the house 100 feet from a lake, water is sure to inspire. At the end of the residency, the community will be invited for a showcase of the visual or performance work, followed by a Q&A. Our goal is to get the younger artists to these special events – to inspire and entice them to use Waves of Confetti to create their own art. We envision this space as a hub that brings together seasoned artists, the newly inspired, and curious cats. We want to nurture the creative flow of energy and the sharing of knowledge.

The full cost of a 3-week $2025 CDN. (does not include travel) But does include airport pickup.

Amber d’Entremont